3d printing

We offer FDM rapid prototyping technology, upto 36 inches CUBE^3. We offer many different material PLA/ABS/PETG/RUBBER/HEAT/FOOD SAFE. Please contact us for more information.

We are large scale 3D Printing facility. We have large number of different printers to accommodate large-scale volume orders. Currently, we have Gigabots, Ultimakers, Fusions, Raise. 

We have the capacity to turn around hundreds and thousands of parts every day, currently, we are printing for many different industries.

large scale 3d printing (fdm)

We offer an ultra quality quick turn around rapid prototyping services using a variety of technologies depending on client specification. Send us your CAD file, and we can recommend the most viable technology options for your specification. To get your CAD Model produced with Rapid Prototyping process, send us your file through email with your material selection. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us. FDM Prototyping:- We offer a wide range of solutions in FDM, Large quantity of small parts, 36" inches cube solution. Finishing, Vacuum forming and CNC milling. 

Polyjet Prototyping is the first technology that allows for the simultaneous layering of multiple types of model materials. The Polyjet rapid prototyping process uses a range of UV acrylic-based polymers to form high-resolution layers down to 16 Microns. This extremely accurate technology leaves you with a part requiring minimal finishing. Arguably one of the best technologies for most rapid prototyping needs, the wide array of materials allows for flexible, interactive parts closest to the finished product. The materials are fully cured and office-friendly, making it possible to have a rapid prototyping station right on your desk. 

Two different photopolymer materials are used for building, one the support material, and the other the actual model resin. The geometry of the support material is preprogrammed by the CAD software and allows for cavities, thin-walled sections, and moveable parts. The product of the rapid prototyping system is then placed in a waterjet machine to remove any remaining support material, leaving you with your polished prototype.  

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