We 3D Print a model of your own bones, heart, brain, unborn child any innards and other anatomical structures starting from CT Scan or any other dicom obtainable imaging method

Rapid Prototyping Services

We offer ultra quality quick turn around rapid prototyping services using a variety of technologies depending on client specification. Send us your CAD file and we can recommend you the most viable technology options for your specification. To get your CAD Model produced with Rapid Prototyping process, send us your file through email with your material selection. If you are unsure, please feel free to contact us. 

Polyjet Prototyping :- The first technology that allows for the simultaneous layering of multiple types of model materials. The Polyjet rapid prototyping process uses a range of UV acrylic based polymers to form high resolution layers down to 16 Microns. This extremely accurate technology leaves you with a part requiring minimal finishing. Arguably one of the best technologies for most rapid prototyping needs, the wide array of materials allows for flexible, interactive parts closest to the finished product. The materials are fully cured and office friendly, making it possible to have a rapid prototyping station right on your desk.
Two different photopolymer materials are used for building, one the support material, and the other the actual model resin. The geometry of the support material is preprogrammed by the CAD software, and allows for cavities, thin walled sections, and moveable parts. The product of the rapid prototyping system is then placed in a waterjet machine to remove any remaining support material, leaving you with your polished prototype. 

3D Printing Dicom Images

Qrint Studio, Toronto

3D Engineering Services

Throughout your entire product development cycle, we offer an outstanding service. From design (concept drawings, CAD design, etc.)
to 3D Laser Scanning (for reverse engineering, Part-to-CAD and digital database creation) to 3D Printing (for rapid prototyping), we can assist you through any portion of your design process

Custom Injection Molding With 3D Printed Tooling
Prototypes are most useful when they’re made of the same plastic as the final production part. And during product development, quick feedback is essential. But it’s hard to justify the cost to create injection molded prototypes when they require the same expensive, time-consuming tooling as production parts — even though you only need a small quantity of parts for testing.

3D printing your prototype molds in-house with PolyJet technology offers a fast, affordable way to produce injection molded prototypes. Designers and engineers can test their work more frequently and more accurately, and go to production with confidence. Product managers can shrink time to market and products can turn out better.

Fused Deposition Modeling:- FDM rapid prototyping technology, like most others, begins with an STL file from a CAD software. This rapid prototyping machine dispenses two materials, one for support, and the other for the model. Thermoplastics are heated to a liquid state and deposited based on the path defined by the CAD file. The model is built from its base upwards with each layer of material being added onto the next. This form of rapid prototyping also allows for different materials to be used, although they cannot be combined.  ​​

Reverse Engineering Services
We offer Reverse Engineering Services to assist your physical objects to bring changes to their shape and design needs. By using our 3D laser scanning technologies and 3D CAD software, we are able to assist you in capturing the measurements and enter them into our 3D Product Development software.

Texture Optimization for 3D Figurine
We are expert in Texture & Modeling for 3D Figurine